Ep #04: How To Build Wealth with Vusi Thembekwayo

Episode #4

Building Wealth is a hot topic these days, but do you really know how to attract money? Money is not an outcome, but it is a reflection of your current truth. There are some important things you should know about this subject if you want to change your current reality when it comes to money and become financially successful.  

In this episode of Coach Club Africa, Danny den Hartog is joined by Vusi Thembekwayo, a Maverick Leadership Genius, Bestselling Author, Business Mogul and Serial Entrepreneur  with an unparalleled passion towards shaping the future of Africa and the world by capacitating the leaders who will create it. He is also the founder and CEO of the MyGrowthFund Venture Partners, an early stage investor with a focus on impact investment driving financial inclusion & access to healthcare and education using technology.

When it comes to building wealth and influence, you want to learn from Vusi Thembekwayo with a net worth of at least USD 36 million (in the episode he admits it's much more...:)) and with over 2 million followers on his social media handles.

Listen in as Vusi shares his top tips on how to build wealth, the necessary STEPS one needs to make to become wealthy, how to ensure you actually get to keep your money, and what The Short Money Game and the Long Money Game would mean for coaches.  He has a unique perspective, as a self-made multi-millionaire.


Highlights in this Episode:  

▪️ Vusi talks about how he went from being born in a township in South Africa, to sharing the stage with world leaders and business icons.

▪️ He goes on to break down what he means by “The Short Money Game and The Long Money Game,” and how you can apply this to your coaching business.

▪️ How to invest in yourself, and why it's crucial to continuously learn and grow throughout your life.

▪️ What it takes to break from the shackles of the past background and culture to reach one's full potential.

▪️ Learn when you should teach your kids about money.  

▪️ The five PRINCIPLES and ACTIONABLE advice you need in order to start building your own wealth today.  


“If you want to be successful, you need to be utterly obsessed. You need to reply to customer queries after 5:00pm on a Friday”  -  Vusi Thembekwayo


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