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Danny den Hartog

Coach of Coaches, Founder Coach Africa, On-line Business & Impact Strategist, Podcast Host 


I help Coaches & Creators to grow their Impact, Influence and Income, so that they can transform more lives.


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Hi there! 

My name is Danny den Hartog.

I help Coaches & Creators grow their Impact, Influence and Income so they can transform more lives.

I have been an entrepreneur for over eight years now and spent the first five years of my entrepreneurial career on striking the right balance between Purpose and Profit and I currently see most of my Clients having the same difficulties when it comes to for example pricing their services.

I spent my whole professional career in Sales & Marketing, at first overseeing the Asia Pacific business (14 countries) for a major Homeware brand based in Hong Kong, later helping various Clients grow their businesses in The US, The Middle East, Scandinavia and Africa.

I am a proud Founder of Coach Africa together with Dr. Norah Bwaya. Started in 2006, we are a one-stop shop for coaching in Africa, offering high-quality consulting, mentoring and coaching for organizations, coaches and Afripreneurs across the African continent.

Armed with over 15 years career experience in business consultancy and business strategies, my strengths are in sales & marketing, international market expansion.  

I care about helping clients get REAL results. 

Over the past three years I have been obsessed about learning the science of digital marketing, sales funnels and packaging and selling one's services on-line. I have been celebrated as a "success-case study"by Tony Robbins & Dean Graziosi.

If you are a knowledge-based entrepreneur wanting to grow your (coaching) business internationally, we should have a chat. 

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