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Danny den Hartog

The Coaches' Champion, On-line Business & Impact Strategist, Transformational Speaker


I love coaching global coaches to live their own world-class adventure!


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- Eben Pagan introduces Danny den Hartog -

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Hi there! 

I am Danny den Hartog.

Are you looking to become a world-class coach and do you desire to build your coaching empire so you can make a bigger difference?

After having struggled for quite a few years in my coaching business, up to a point where I had two creditcards and could not even afford to properly dine out, I have been able to turn things around by focusing on the needle movers in a coaching business.

I now specialize on helping global world-class coaches to scale up internationally.

Having spent my whole professional career in Sales & Marketing, at first overseeing the Asia Pacific business (14 countries) for a major Homeware brand based in Hong Kong, later helping various Clients grow their businesses in The US, The Middle East, Scandinavia and Africa, I know what it takes to want to take your business global.

I care about helping clients get REAL results. 

I have mastered the science of digital marketing, sales funnels and packaging and selling one's services on-line and now help others do that as well. I have been celebrated as a "success-case study" by Tony Robbins & Dean Graziosi and was recently nominated as one of the top 21 coaches in the world and have been featured at the Coach Expo 2023.

If you're looking for a budget coach, I'm NOT your person, but if you're seriously about investing in your next level of growth and step up your coaching game, we should talk.

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Prefer my Signature 1:1 Guidance?

LIMITED SPOTS AVAILABLE! Throughout 2024, I will be working with a maximum of 5 1:1 Clients ONLY.

1:1 rates start at $10,000 depending on your individual goals and desired business transformation.

There's only a few spots left, so make sure you book a call asap if you can use some world-class guidance to take your coaching business (and life) to the next level.


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