Ep 03: The Importance of Afro-Centric Coaching Models: Coaching made in Africa

Episode #3

Danny den Hartog is joined by Dr. Norah Njuba Bwaya, one of the top coaches on the African continent, an Organization Development and Change Consultant, Facilitator/Trainer, and Public Speaker. She is also the founder of the first coaching firm in East Africa, Coach Africa Ltd. 

Listen in as the two discuss the importance of coaches and coaching, the future of the growing industry in Africa, and the unique challenges facing coaching on the continent.

Get inspired as Dr. Bwaya talks about her experience transitioning her already notable work experience in accounting, marketing, and insurance into a celebrated coaching career. A pioneer in the coaching sector, Dr. Bwaya was recently awarded Afrocentric Coach of the Year (ABCCCP). She is clearly passionate about her role in developing coaches and supporting people & organizational development. 

Dr. Bwaya is a credentialed Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coaching Federation, and she holds a doctorate in executive performance from Middlesex University. She has served top executives in more than 100 organizations.

Highlights in this Episode:

  • Find out why Dr. Bwaya decided to pivot to coaching and the reasons she finds her work so inspiring.
  • How a serious back injury and self-reflecting led to her decision to become a coach.
  • Discover the relationship between coaching and hope.
  • Get inspired by Dr. Bwaya’s experiences in working with her own coach and why her method of challenging coaching has stretched her so much farther than she thought possible.
  • The benefit of having different role models for various aspects of our lives.
  • Unique challenges facing coaches in Africa, including an eye-opening example from Dr. Bwaya.
  • Coaching in Africa is growing exponentially, and it has 10x the ROI of training.
  • How Africa is poised to learn from the coaching model refined by other continents and able to avoid the same mistakes.
  • Dr. Bwaya describes the transformative experience of coaching.

Contact Norah Bwaya, PhD
Website: https://www.coachafrica.org/
LinkedIn: @norah-bwaya-(phd)

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