Ep 02: Turning Influence into Income with Steve Harris

Episode #2

By 2030, there will be the opportunity for 10 million coaches in Africa to make a difference in people's lives. In this episode, host Danny den Hartog welcomes guest Steve Harris, aka "Mr. Ruthless Execution," to discuss the outlook for coaches in Africa, as well as Steve's career and coaching philosophy, and what drives him to succeed.  

Steve Harris is a trusted authority in the field of business strategy and a highly sought-after consultant, business accelerator, and author. He is one of Africa's leading High-Performance Business coaches and host of the podcast, The Ugly Truth About Business, which is rated in the top five in the entrepreneurship category in Africa. He has been profiled in Forbes Africa, The Economist, and Slate Magazine and has been frequently listed as one of the World's Top 100 Business Coaches To Follow On Twitter.  

Highlights in this Episode:

  • Steve describes his background as a 2x college dropout and how he relies on his past to drive him into the future.
  • How Steve's unapologetic approach fits (or stands out) in the African culture, which values "false humility."
  • The two discuss the importance of exposing African coaches to a wider global market while challenging African stereotypes.
  • Traditionally, many got their knowledge/coaching from religious institutions, but people now recognize that they also need help from those trained in certain disciplines, like therapists and coaches.
  • Coaching is a sacred trust; people's lives are at stake. Steve explains why his empathetic nature makes him better suited to business coaching rather than life coaching.  
  • Learn what makes Steve unique in the coaching world and how he grows the revenue of his cohorts to 10x in just five weeks.  
  • Why Steve focuses on helping people find their own way rather than "fix" them.  
  • Steve shares his take on how personal brands should have a corporate structure.  
  • The important role collaboration plays in moving the needle for coaching in Africa.
  • How a global outlook with a local approach is important, as coaching is not one-size-fits-all.  
  • Find out what holds coaches back the most and how to change it. 

Contact Steve: 
website: www.iamsteveharris.com 
Instagram: @IamSteveHarris
Twitter: @IamSteveHarris 
Facebook: @IamSteveHarris

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Website: www.dannydenhartog.com/
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