Ep 01: Privileges in Pioneering: Taking the Road less Traveled

Episode #1

Welcome to the debut episode of Coach Club Africa, the Home of Heroes without the Headlines.

In this episode, get to know the host, Danny den Hartog, what sparked his desire to develop this podcast for (and about) Africa’s coaches & leaders, and what to expect from upcoming episodes.

Danny is a Dutch national who recognizes the privilege that he has experienced due to his gender, race, class, and education. He acknowledges that, like an airplane with a tailwind, society is working for him, not against him. As he said, others not born into this privilege unfairly have to work twice as hard to get to the same destination. 

It’s time for a level playing field, and it’s Danny’s hope that this podcast accelerates that.  

Learn about Danny’s first visit to Africa, how his stereotypes were shattered and how he aims to amplify African voices, increase visibility and bring recognition to the continent's great talents.

Great leaders need great coaches, and Danny aims to use this podcast to celebrate the next generation of leaders, those that think differently about leadership, and those who are interested in mastering coaching as an intervention to build more effective teams, improve communication and enhance organizational performance.

Highlights in this Episode: 

  • Danny describes his background and how he realized his accomplishments weren't all his own.
  • Traveling in Uganda, Danny realized his limiting beliefs about Africa and the poor brand equity of the continent.
  • In his studies, Danny discovered personal interactions are the best predictor of significant change in a region's brand.
  • Danny wants to amplify African voices to create a more visible, global brand that advocates for all the talent and beauty Africa has to offer.
  • Learn about Danny's personal experience, which cemented his belief in the power of coaching and led him to launch Coach Africa.
  • Thoughts on partnering with Coach Africa Ltd and Dr. Norah Bwaya (who is featured in a future episode) to create the bigger Coach Africa Brand and launch a Coaching Skills Academy (The Coach Africa Academy).
  • Coaching allows people to interact on a profound and deep level, allowing differences to disappear and for deep connections to form.
  • The importance of leaders equipping themselves with critical coaching and business skills.
  • Coach Club Africa is more than a podcast; it's a community.

Connect with Danny den Hartog:
Website: www.dannydenhartog.com
LinkedIn: @DannydenHartog