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Join Danny den Hartog Exclusive Inner Circle Membership. 

You don't need another online course. You need practical masterclasses and coaching sessions to help you create, market, and sell coaching offers that you and your clients love!

It's implementation time!

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Have you...

  • Been "Hustling", trying all kinds of things, but it's not working yet?
  • Ever asked yourself "Why does this have to be so hard"?
  • Ever been fearful of "what if this does not work out"?
  • Ever felt alone, sacrificing your own health & well-being to get your coaching business off the ground?

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What If

  • You would start dreaming again
  • You would dare to make the decisions you have been putting off¬†
  • You would get simple, practical guidance on how to build your coaching business, without needing to reinvent the wheel (think funnels, lead magnets, ways to grow your audience etc)?
  • You were part of a thriving community of like-minded entrepreneurs?
Join Danny's Inner Circle for Coaches >

You don't go this journey alone.

We all know the saying that you are the 5 people you surround yourself with. How many people do you have around you who are cheering you on? Let 2024 be the year that you upgrade your Inner Circle. 

What if your business would support your dreams?

Most coaches I know are sooo DONE with hustling. Life is too short to have to sacrifice the things that matter most to you in pursuit of business success. I believe that  building a coaching business should be a fun adventure, this does not need to be heavy, it can be light and fun. Especially with the right coach in your corner and a community of like-minded and heart-centred entrepreneurs.

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Danny den Hartog's Inner Circle Membership

An exclusive membership club designed to help you build your coaching empire.

With Danny den Hartog's Inner Circle, you're not back in high school, you'll only learn the things that are going to help you turning your expertise into a global personal brand business. Danny's approach is direct, no-nonsense, practical and actionable. This is about you getting real results. Danny's Inner Circle is most suitable for coaches and knowledge-based entrepreneurs who want to build a global personal brand online. 

What to Expect

  • Freedom:¬†Through the monthly masterclasses and workshops, you will learn practical strategies and tactics, so that you will only focus on " the needle movers" that will give you more freedom in your business and you'll be able to leave all the shiny objects behind.
  • Fulfilment:¬†As Tony Robbins says: "Success without fulfilment is the ultimate failure". Building a successful coaching business is meaningless if you don't enjoy the ride. Unfortunately most coach trainers out there teach you how to hustle. There's no juice or fulfilment in the hustle. Through Danny's Inner Circle you BECOME a better and more impactful coach, that's where the juice is.¬†
  • Fun:¬†During the first nine years of building my coaching business, I completely overlooked this critical aspect of building a business. During this membership, we will laugh and cry together, making this adventure a lot of fun.
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What's Included


Monthly Masterclasses & hands-on workshops

Engage in live sessions each month hosted by Danny den Hartog. Sessions will always be relevant to building your coaching business and will include talks by some experts from Danny's wide network.

Session topics will include: Business & Life Design, Offer Creation, Personal Branding, Storytelling, How to Leverage AI, Audience Building, Sales Mastery and lots more. 


Meeting you where you are!

Danny meets you exactly where you are in hot seat sessions and open Q&As, providing you with clear guidance on your next steps. This helps you to get rid of overwhelm and helps you to get unstuck.


Coaching Resource Library

Access a powerful collection of tools, templates, and educational materials, continuously updated to support your coaching business.


Supportive Community 

Join a vibrant community of coaches looking to build a strong personal online brand. Grow together and share "best-practice" with each other in a safe, collaborative space. 


Exclusive Member-Only Discounts

Enjoy special discounts on future programs, additional coaching services, and partner offerings exclusively available to Inner Circle members.

Choose Your Membership Plan

Go for the flexible monthly plan or save BIG with yearly plan!

Monthly Plan (Limited Offer): $77/month (save $20/month)
Yearly Plan (Best Deal): $570 (SAVE $200)

Special Bonus: Join now and get an AI Vision Board Mastery Workshop valued at $97

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It's Time to Live Your World-Class Adventure

You Are a Great Coach! It's Time To let The World Know about It!


Let Me In Already!

Nice to meet you!

A bit about me... 

Hey there, I'm Danny and I help coaches build global empires of impact, so that they can live their world-class adventure.

If you are looking to become a world-class coach and desire to build your coaching empire, I'm convinced that my Inner Circle Membership will add lots of value to you.

After having struggled for quite a few years in my coaching business, up to a point where I had two creditcards and could not even afford to properly dine out, I have been able to turn things around by focusing on the needle movers in a coaching business.

I now specialize on helping global world-class coaches to scale up internationally and my 1:1 rates are currently $10,000. I created the Membership as a way to get access to world-class mentorship and coaching, at an investment that is workable for most of us.

Having spent my whole professional career in Sales & Marketing, at first overseeing the Asia Pacific business (14 countries) for a major Homeware brand based in Hong Kong, later helping various Clients grow their businesses in The US, The Middle East, Scandinavia and Africa, I know what it takes to want to take your business global.

I care about helping clients get REAL results. 

I have mastered the science of digital marketing, sales funnels and packaging and selling one's services on-line and now help others do that as well. I was recently nominated as one of the top 21 coaches in the world and have been featured at the Coach Expo 2023 and have spoken on various stages including those of Dean Graziosi and Tony Robbins.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee 

I care about your results. That's why I offer a no-risk, 30-day money-back guarantee for the Inner Circle Membership. If, within the first 30 days of joining, you find that the program does not meet your expectations or is not the right fit for your entrepreneurial journey, simply reach out, and I will provide a full refund, no questions asked. This guarantee is my commitment to the quality and value of the Inner Circle, ensuring that you can make this important decision for your business with complete peace of mind.